California Divorce Lawyer Julian Fox Helps You Determine Marriage Termination Date

Marriage Termination Date

Your marriage termination date is the date on which your marriage is officially and legally over. California divorce lawyers like Julian Fox can help bring your divorce to a speedy end.

I've had cases where the divorce actually lasted longer than the marriage. That's because it takes a minimum of six months from the date of serving the Petition before the Court has jurisdiction to terminate the marriage. In the meantime, the court can make temporary orders. But a final Judgment can not be entered for six months. Some believe that this is so that people have time to reconsider the decision to separate.

In any case, you cannot get remarried until your divorce is final.

But the divorce doesn't just "happen" six months after you file. You, or your California divorce attorney, must prepare a Final Judgment. Often the Final Judgment is not entered until well after the six months is up.

If you need a divorce before you and your ex are ready to enter into a Final Judgment, you can get what is known as a Status Only Judgment or Bifurcation. The Status Only Judgment terminates the marriage but leaves other issues such as property, support, and custody open for determination later.

Just as there are reasons such as remarriage that some people would like to have a divorce, other parties wish to delay it. One reason is that parties cannot file joint tax returns in a year in which a divorce was granted. So, where there is a tax advantage to being married, sometimes couples will enter into a Final Judgment with a delayed termination date set in early January.

It's smart to have a California divorce lawyer like Julian Fox to help you determine what is the best time for your marriage termination date.

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