Legal Issues Surrounding Divorce

There are many legal issues surrounding divorce. This site is meant as a guide to how dissolutions are done in California and doesn't reflect the laws or policies in any other state.

We begin at the beginning, with How to Get a Divorce and cover everything from Retirement and Divorce to a Divorce Glossary.

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Legal issues surrounding divorce

Divorce Links

If you are interested in an Overview of the divorce process, see the section on "How to Get A Divorce."

For an explanation of The Petition or Temporary Orders you can click on the respective links.

Residency Requirements explains how long you have to live in California before you file.

Your divorce will be final on your Marriage Termination Date.

You can get more information on Out of State and Foreign Divorces here.

If you are thinking about an Annulment you can find out more here.

Some people consider Legal Separation as an alternative to divorce. You can find out more here.

California is a No Fault Divorce State. You can find out more about what that means here.

Summary Dissolutions are simplified divorces for people who do not have complex cases. If you have had a short marriage, have no children of the relationship, and little property or debts, you may qualify.

Preparing for Family Court explains how to get ready for the "big date." It also talks about the divorce rate in America.

Moving on to representation, you can find out how to Select a Divorce Attorney and how much it's going to cost. There are hidden divorce costs that you might want to think about. If you are thinking about representing yourself check out this article.

I've got Divorce Advice for Women and Men. Check them both out! Women also sometimes want to restore their former name. Here's how.

Divorce isn't just for straight couples anymore. To find out how to terminate a Registered Domestic Partnership click here.

Finally, I've put together some resources for you. First, if you're confused about all of the legal terminology, check out the Divorce Glossary. For free family law forms used state wide or local divorce forms click on the respective pages.

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