Issues in Child Custody

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There is no area of law more emotional than child custody. And few areas are more complex. This page links to articles on a number of child custody issues.

First, we'll look at the types of custody orders and the effect they have on children. We move on to visitation schedules.

If you and your ex weren't married, you may need to determine paternity.

If you and your ex agree on custody issues, you can work out a Parenting Agreement.

If you can't agree, you'll have to go through Mediation. You may also have to complete a 730 Evaluation.

If one parent wants to Move Away, with the children, he must get permission from the other parent or the courts. Find out more here.

If your new spouse wants to adopt your children, you need to go through a Step-Parent Adoption.

Finally, Grandparents have rights too. Find out more on this page.

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