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Best Divorce Lawyer

Let's face it: Attorney's fees are high. But you want to get the best divorce lawyer you can afford. In San Bernardino, Riverside, and Rancho, lawyers charge $300 an hour or more. This checklist will discuss how to minimize your attorney's fees.

Organize your file. It's amazing how a little effort on your part can save you a lot of money. If you do your best to organize your file before you take it to your attorney, you will save the paralegal cost of organizing it for you. If you figure $150 an hour for paralegal time, spending a couple of hours putting things together can cover next month's car payment. Of course, the attorney will have to reorganize it in the format that his own office uses, but it will save you money to have things put together in a way that makes sense upfront.

Group your questions. If you have several questions about how your case is proceeding, try to group them together and ask them in one phone call or email. Most attorneys fees are set on a quarter hour basis and can answer 3 or 4 questions in one fifteen minute block. If you ask those questions all at one time, you will pay for fifteen minutes instead of an hour.

Don't use your lawyer as your therapist. You have family, friends, and perhaps a professional counselor to help you through the emotional trauma of a divorce. The best divorce lawyer is there to help you with the legal proceedings. If he "lends you an ear" on the non-legal issues, he's going to charge you for it. A $90 an hour therapist is a lot cheaper than even the best $300 an hour divorce lawyer.

Don't call for updates more frequently than necessary . Law proceedings are notoriously slow moving. Not much changes from day to day. And, if there is a change, your lawyer will most likely tell you. So, when you call to get the "status of the case," all you're doing is racking up attorneys fees.

Try to work things out between yourselves. Okay, so most marriages end because thing's can't be worked out! But wherever possible, try to work things out between the two parties. There's a lot of senseless litigation about who is going to take the kid to basketball practice on Thursdays that can be resolved best without lawyers. Remember that if both parties are represented by the best divorce lawyers, an hour long meeting to resolve small issues can cost the community $600 or more. And wouldn't that be better spent on a new washing machine?

As I said earlier, the best divorce lawyer will charge $300 an hour or more. Anything you can do to minimize attorneys fees will be financially advantageous in the long run.

If you need a San Bernardino, Riverside, or Rancho Divorce Lawyer, call my office at 877-FOX-LAW-4 today to get started.

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