Welfare and Child Support

Who gets the money in cases where there’s welfare and child support? The child support is paid to the state and the person receiving welfare only gets money if the amount exceeds the government’s aid expenditure. You will have a tough battle reducing child support when the state has its claws in your pocket, but it can be done.

When a custodial parent receives welfare from the state, she must assign her right to child support over to the state. She must also cooperate with the state in getting a child support order.

The state of California, through the Department of Child Support Services, will then aggressively pursue reimbursement through the support payments of the non custodial parent.

The DCSS can, and often does, issue wage garnishments against people ordered to pay support.

One interesting note is that in the welfare code, the federal government gives states the option to collect the child support to replenish the state budget or to give it to the custodial parent. California, like most states, takes the money for itself. When it comes to welfare and child support, the state looks out for itself.

If you are interested in reducing your child support and the state is involved, you should contact Inland Empire Family Attorney Julian Fox at 877-369-5294 right away.

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