Termination of a Registered Domestic Partnership

Termination of Registered domestic partnership

Registered domestic partnerships opened up new doors for regularizing the relationships for gay men and lesbians. AB 205 applies to gay or lesbian couples over 18 and heterosexual couples over age 62. The law, which went into effect January 1, 2005 now recognizes such relationships and confers benefits such as health insurance. Riverside divorce attorney Julian Fox can help you with a Termination.

AB 205 substantially increases the rights, duties and responsibilities of all partners. This has implications for real estate, tax, and estate planning. For the first time, community property was established for Registered Domestic Partners.

But when things go wrong, the registered domestic partnership must be formally terminated, just as in divorce.

Terminating a Registered Domestic Partnership involves filing the form NP/SF DP-2: Notice of Termination of Domestic Partnership if the following are true:
• Both parties sign the agreement
• There are no children of the relationship
• The Registered Domestic Partnership is less than 5 years long
• Neither party has an interest in the real property of the other
• There is not significant assets and debts of the relationship
• What assets and debts exist are divided by the parties
• The parties waive rights to financial support
• Both parties desire the relationship to be ended.

Many cases are simple and meet the above criteria. Terminating a Registered Domestic Partnership that has issues may require the help of an experienced family lawyer. Riverside divorce attorney Julian Fox can help.

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