Opposing a Temporary Restraining Order in Family Court

If you are served with a Temporary Restraining Order by someone with whom you’ve had a close personal relationship, you need to be aware of what the consequences are.

First, you will be prohibited from having any contact with the protected person even if they initiate it. Violations can send you straight to jail. If you are not a citizen and you go to jail, you could be deported.

If you are currently in, or about to enter a divorce or child custody case, the Temporary Restraining Order could have a negative effect on the Judge. He or she may look at you as an abuser and restrict visitation rights.

Family Code section 3044 states that there is a rebuttable presumption that if there has been a finding of domestic violence by the family court, sole or joint custody should not be issued to that person.

If you have a professional license (ie. Real Estate Agent, Cosmetologist) this can be revoked. Your drivers license can be taken away for a year. And you will have to surrender all firearms.

Have I got your attention now? A Temporary Restraining Order is serious business!

You need to fight a TRO. Because I have extensive family and criminal law experience, I am uniquely positioned to help you with this matter. Because the courts act quickly on TROs, you don’t have a minute to waste. Contact my office at (877) 369-5294 immediately to schedule an appointment to discuss your Temporary Restraining Order.

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