Modification of Orders in California Family Law Cases

modification of orders

Often, the Orders that made sense at the time of the Judgment no longer comport with the current reality. Sometimes one party needs to move away from California. Other times, there needs to be a change in custody and visitation as children grow up. Also, as the parties’ income levels change, support orders are likely to change. When you need modification of orders in a California family law case, you can get a stipulation with the other party or file an Order to Show Cause.

A stipulation is a written document that says you both agree to the new arrangement. This stipulation becomes an enforceable order of the court.

But it’s not always easy to just “work things out.” Sometimes, it takes a return visit to court.

When you go back to court for modification of orders, it’s very much like your first trip through divorce court. If child custody and visitation are at issue, you will probably go through mediation again. Then you will present your case to the Judge in a short hearing.

Don’t think that an Order to Show Cause is any simpler than your original proceeding. If you are going to attempt a modification of orders, you should consult an attorney.

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