Hidden Divorce Costs

hidden divorce costs

There are hidden divorce costs. The full range of divorce expenses goes far beyond court costs and attorneys fees. There are hidden divorce costs as well. And on top of the monetary loss, there are emotional costs as well.

First, consider what it will cost you to live separate lives. While it may not be true that “two can live as cheaply as one,” it’s still cheaper to have one large house with a mortgage payment of $2500 than two smaller houses with rent or mortgage payments of $1800 each.

If you have children, they will need room at both parents’ houses. They will also need to have their “stuff” in multiple places which can mean two video game systems, two bikes, and even two sets of clothing.

Additionally, many people see their cost of living rise as they have to depend on hired help to get the daily tasks of life done. No longer can you count on your spouse to take your son to his baseball game; now you’re looking at doing it all yourself. And you will separately have to go to the grocery store – two trips to feed the family instead of one.

When one spouse has traditionally taken on a sole housekeeping chore – say, cooking – the other can be left without the skills to handle it initially. Like the Carl’s Jr. commercial says, “without us, some guys would starve.” This can provide additional expenses to each party.

But the hidden costs of divorce are more than financial. Divorce is more stressful than having a spouse die. Many people enter therapy to help them recover from a divorce. The children may or may not adjust well to the separation (though living in a highly conflicted house can be stressful too.)

The hidden costs of divorce go far beyond court and attorney’s fees. As you are preparing for your life beyond marriage, consider all of the hidden costs of divorce.

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