Enforcement of Family Law Orders

enforcement of child support orders

There are many tools to get enforcement of family law orders. Child, spousal, and family support, child custody and visitation, and property orders can are all enforceable.

One way to get all orders enforced is through initiation of contempt proceedings. If a person is convicted of contempt, he or she can get a five day jail sentence on each count.

If child support is the issue and you’ve opened a case with the Department of Child Support Services, you can work toward having your ex’s driver’s license revoked. If your ex has a professional or business license, that too can be revoked.

Federal law also allows the seizure of federal income tax refunds.

If your ex is not living up to court orders, you can take them back to court to get the orders modified in such a way that it is more painful for them not to comply than to get with the program.

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