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Do you need to get your divorce forms free? This page will direct you. It also discusses property issues including community property, separate property, and quasi-community property.

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Now on to property. Separate property is that which was owned before the marriage or was acquired during the marriage by gift or inheritance. A car that was paid off before the marriage would be the property of the original buyer.

Community property is everything that was bought with the earnings from the marriage. So if the car was purchased with earned income during the marriage, it is community property and by law must be divided equally.

But another scenario, and one that is frequently true of houses, is that the property was bought before the marriage, but money from the marriage pool was used to make payments. This results in a community buy in to a portion of the property. The formula for the buy in is known as the Moore-Marsden formula.

Another scenario is a party has a pension that has been accruing for 18 years. But the couple was only married for 12 of those years. Thus, if the rules are applied, there are 6 years of separate property and 12 years of community property interest in the pension.

Quasi-community property is a from of property owned by married people who have moved from a non-community property state to a community property state. Property acquired together in the non-community property state may be considered quasi-community property. Quasi-community property is treated just like community property during divorce or death of a spouse.

Whenever there is community and quasi-community property, it’s smart to hire an attorney to help you sort things out. Financial mistakes at this level can be far more expensive than the cost of the attorney.

And that’s your primer on separate property, community property, and quasi-community property. You also got links to divorce forms free.

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