Divorce Advice for Women

divorce advice for women

Divorce advice for women often comes in the form of help on child custody and child and spousal support. But the reality is that the dissolution picture is much larger than that. You need to look at the property issues as well.

The biggest concern most women have when ending their marriage is how they will keep custody of the children. While it is true that society sometimes presumes that the mother is the better custodial parent, the law makes no such assumptions.

You need someone to help you through the child custody minefield which includes sessions with Court Mediators and possibly 730 Evaluators .

You need someone who knows the law to effectively present your story to the Judge.

You also need someone who can give divorce advice for women in regard to child and spousal support. While you can figure out guideline support by using the Dissomaster, there are many variables such as union dues and health insurance premiums that can affect the final number.

Importantly, you need someone who can give guidance on property issues. In an era of declining home values, dividing community property can sometimes result in a net community debt. Working out these issues is tricky.

Additionally, if there are pensions, you need good advice. All too often, women accept too little when it comes to a pension buyout. See the page on Retirement and Divorce.html for more information.

All in all, getting good divorce advice for women means having someone help you with the complete package that is dissolution.

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