Conciliation and Mediation in Riverside and San Bernardino County Family Courts

conciliation and mediation

Conciliation and Mediation is the legal term for helping parties work out their differences. In Family Court, it is the process by which a social worker or marriage and family therapist works with the parties to develop a parenting plan.

Mediation is different in every county. In Riverside County, the family courts give great latitude to the therapists and social workers who assist you. If the parties cannot work through custody and visitation matters themselves – either on their own or through this process – then the mediator will make a recommendation to the court. The court gives great weight to their recommendations and they are often adopted as the final ruling.

In San Bernardino County, mediators also work with the parties to get a result. If the parties are not able to come to a decision together, the mediator will write a report summarizing each party’s position. They may make a recommendation, but it is not the focus of the report and the Judges do not rely on their recommendations as they do in Riverside.

Los Angeles County takes a different approach. Mediation there is confidential. The social workers and therapists do not make recommendations to the Judge and anything said in mediation cannot be used in the court room.

Knowing how to approach mediation is an important part of preparing your case. You should rely on a qualified family law attorney who knows the local courts to get you through the conciliation and mediation process.

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