730 Evaluations and Your Child Custody Case

730 Evaluations

Perhaps the most important facet of your child custody case are the 730 Evaluations. These evaluations are not ordered in every case. But if it is ordered in yours, you need to be prepared for the process.

A 730 Evaluation is frequently ordered when there allegations of abuse, neglect, parental alienation, and when psychological and mental conditions are at issue, among other factors. When a case is particularly complicated, a 730 Evaluation may be ordered for the purpose of gathering the data.

A Clinical Psychologist will be assigned to complete the 730 Evaluation. He or she must be paid a fee – generally in the amount of $2000-$5000. The entire fee must be paid before the report is released to the court. Sometimes the parties are ordered to split the fee and other times one party is ordered to bear the burden alone.

Each party will take a battery of psychological tests using a fill in the bubble methodology. The major test – the MMPI – consists of 400 questions! It is best to answer these questions in a straightforward, honest manner. Do not try to hide anything or disguise your flaws. The test has internal mechanisms to detect “cheaters.”

The Psychologist will interpret the test results which can show both mental illnesses and/or tendencies that may be harmful to the children.

The Psychologist will also conduct interviews with both parties and sometimes the children. Generally, you will have one or two individual sessions with the Evaluator and a joint session. It is okay to be honest about any hurts you are feeling as a result of the split up, but it is a bad idea to go on an attack against the other party.

The Psychologist will write a report which becomes part of the official court record. The Judges take these 730 Evaluations very seriously. Psychologists who are appointed by the court are generally respected by the court.

When there are false allegations about sexual abuse, one of the best ways to clear your name is to have a 730 Evaluation done.

If you are going to have a 730 Evaluation in your case, you definitely should talk to an attorney about how to get the maximum returns on your time and money.

Attorney Julian Fox regularly counsels clients who are preparing for their 730 Evaluation. If you would like to talk to him, call 877-369-5294 and ask the secretary to schedule an appointment for you.

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